How to Install “Armed Heist Mod Apk” on Android?

Name Armed Heist
Offered By Sozap
Category Action
Version 2.4.8
Size 1.3G
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Updated August 19, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
MOD Features Immortality

Shooting games on your smartphone may be entertaining, but they can also be aggravating. You may get trapped on a level or need to wait for more lives to attempt again. But what if you could use the game’s extra benefits everywhere and never had to worry about losing missions? It’s here that Armed Heist Mod Apk comes in handy!

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What is Armed Heist Mod Apk?

Armed Heist is the perfect game for you if you like shooting games and want to face off against police to steal more than 70 banks. Customizable Weapon System, Dynamic Scenarios; Create Your Character, 3D Map, and many more elements are included in the game.

One of the things I enjoy most about the Armed Heist game is that it includes large maps where you can see comprehensive statistics about all the banks in your town; so you don’t have to guess which one is easiest to steal. Furthermore; spend the majority of your time practicing at first to discover a technique that works for you and stay with it for long-term success.

The game revolves around robbing banks by devising innovative methods and locating low-security banks using 3D maps in order to get large sums of money with little effort. Feel free to personalize and alter your weapons with different accessories to suit your requirements.

Keep an eye on your character’s health meter and utilize various powerups to increase the energy if you want to remain in the game longer.

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High-end weaponry

Weapons are the most essential element of shooting games, and gamers are very curious about how to use them. There are hundreds of weapons to select from in the Armed Heist, including machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, handguns, and more.

Aside from this, you may modify your weapons with attachments like silencers, handles, bullet boosters, and more to kill opponents with less effort.

An authentic criminal experience

Armed Heist allows you to flee like a pro-criminal if your reflexes are above average. Stay alert, stay attentive on what’s going on around you; search for hidden places concealed throughout each level, gather all of the cash strewn around – do whatever it takes to stay alive.

You’ll love every minute of the game since other characters will join you in the heist and other goals. Always look for a better hiding spot to keep your character safe from police.


a number of tasks

Armed Heist is renowned for the many activities that must be completed, such as searching for clues, avoiding attackers, and interacting with the environment. As you flee from helicopters, devise a scheme to steal money. To finish tasks in this strategic warfare simulator; collect treasure and utilize different weaponry.

If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you’ll know that you need to perform missions in order to earn money and unlock new titles. You are given tasks in Armed Heist, which you must accomplish in order to win the game.

To win the game, increase your health.

In the Armed Heist game, you play as a bank robber who must constantly loot the bank in order to stay alive. However, the cops will attempt to stop you from fleeing with your booty at all costs.

Take cautious not to be shot by police or people who may have taken up weapons against you in the course of illegal activity. And don’t forget to save enough energy to flee!

If all else fails, utilize one of our useful power-ups, such as the health pack or invincibility shield.


Armed Heist is a modified version of the game.

Armed Heist Mod Apk is a patched (modified) version of the official Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper Shooting gun games; in which you will have access to all of the game’s resources and many other benefits.

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Features of the mod

Immortal Character – As an Immortal Character in Armed Heist Mod Apk, you will get a significant advantage, as your character will not die, allowing you to quickly complete tasks.

MOD Menu — You can handle all of your modified features through the MOD menu. You may use it to play normally or enable or disable any particular feature.


For Android, get Armed Heist Mod Apk.

Armed Heist is without a doubt the finest action-packed third-person shooting game for Android smartphones, allowing you to experience the thrill of robbing banks with armored vehicles. Don’t overlook grenades; which are excellent for crowd control and may be utilized in a variety of ways to complete objectives.

Also, In the customization area, you may give your character a distinctive appearance and purchase gorgeous outfits from the in-game shop. Every premium item in the game is unlocked in the modified version, and you will get all future upgrades for free.

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