How to Install “Battlegrounds Mobile India” on Android?

Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Offered By KRAFTON, Inc.
Category Action
Version 1.5.0
Size 708M
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Updated July 14, 2021 (2 months ago)
MOD Features Origin Apk

Are you looking forward to the Battlegrounds Mobile India game’s debut but haven’t been able to acquire pre-launch access? If that’s the case, don’t worry because I’m going to provide the original Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk with OBB in this article. You may get it through the Google Play Store if you register as a beta tester.


What is Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a pre-registration-only strategy game offered on the Google Play Store. Like PUBG Mobile, you may play the game in the squad, duo, or solo mode. Regardless of whether you’re playing squad or another mode, you may deactivate auto-matching to prevent random people from joining your team.

If you like playing mobile shooting games, Battlegrounds Mobile India will give you a whole new level of furious shooting action. You’ll be competing against people from all over the globe in this game, and the number of them will vary depending on the mode you select.


There are many kinds of accessories, such as guns, grenades, and pans, that you need to gather in order to offer your opponents a great battle. However, you can only gather things up to the capacity of your bag, so it’s best to have maximum-level bags with you throughout the game.

To win the game, you must finish the enemy with your tactics and shooting expertise and be the last guy standing on the island. Choosing the appropriate weaponry and forming a strong alliance with your gaming mates will improve your chances of victory.

Graphics in the game are realistic.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has realistic gaming visuals that make for a fun game. Many graphical parameters, such as frame rate, color blindness, shadows, and others, maybe changed manually. All of the changes will take effect instantly, and if you have any problems, you can easily restore the original settings.

Make sure your device is compatible with the graphic option you want to use; otherwise, you may experience lagging and overheating.

Explore some beautiful maps.

In the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, there are numerous gorgeous maps to explore, which keeps players interested for a long time. Each map has a variety of locations and features that you should explore for a unique experience and to learn about resource availability.


Feel free to switch maps anytime you like, ensuring that you are never bored with the same setting. The maps must be downloaded separately from your mobile or Wi-Fi data.

Play with your pals.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s appeal stems mostly from the fact that it enables us to play with our friends. Playing this shooting game with your buddies versus 100 other people is an incredible experience. Voice, texting, and default commands make it simple to communicate with one another.

Your buddy list will be immediately retrieved by the servers if you create an account in the game using your Facebook account. Later, you may use the provided link to invite your friends directly.
You may also use their unique id to issue a friend request to any other player in the game.

Stunning mythological ensembles

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, you’ll have a variety of clothing choices to select from, all of which will make your character seem professional. Many uncommon clothes can only be discovered in premium crates, which you must earn through performing activities or paying real money to purchase.


You may change your clothes as often as you like, but some of the ones you receive as daily presents may have a limited lifespan. Always strive to gather as many boxes as you can to improve your chances of receiving free premium outfits.

For Android, get Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk.

Despite the fact that it is only accessible in pre-registration form, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the most popular action game for Android smartphones in India. Because of the recent debut in India, they will be holding a number of events in the next few days where you may win premium items such as weapon skins, costumes, and other items.

Because many people have been frustrated by their inability to get early game access through the authorities, we are releasing an APK containing an OBB file. Remember to bookmark our website to receive the latest version of this game.

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