How to Install Poly Bridge 2 Apk on Android?

Name Poly Bridge 2
Offered By Dry Cactus Limited
Category Simulation
Version 1.41
Size 185M
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Updated August 16, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
MOD Features Patched


Poly Bridge 2 is a single-player puzzle simulation game in which you must construct bridges out of various materials. Then you must test the bridge by driving cars over it to determine whether it can transport the vehicle to its destination. You will theoretically pass the level if the car successfully crosses the bridge; but, if the bridge is damaged, you must repair it.


Poly Bridge 2 is introduced.

This is a physics-based puzzle game that follows in the footsteps of Dry Cactus Limited’s previous game, Poly Bridge, in many ways. It follows the same plot as the last game, in which you must build bridges. Despite this, you will get some new features, new materials, new levels, and many more improvements that will allow you to enjoy discovering your own ingenuity.

As the cars get heavier and the gaps become larger, the game mechanics become more complex and difficult. But the greatest part is that constricting bridges has gotten easier because to the ability to generate bridge blueprints. You may replicate your bridge after you’ve finished designing it.

Poly Bridge 2 is joined by a slew of diverse vehicles that move and react in a variety of ways. Some will be sluggish and heavy, while others will be lighter and faster, therefore bear in mind while constructing bridges that all vehicles will be able to travel over easily. Similarly, you must clear the path for aircraft and ships to pass without causing damage to the bridges.


Worlds that are difficult to navigate

There are six distinct worlds in the game, each with 16 difficult stages. Each level has a limited budget and notes, so you must build the bridges within the financial constraints. You will advance to the next level if you finish the bridge building on time and without any breaks or damage.

There are a total of 176 stages in the game, each with its own budget for bridge building. To unlock additional levels, you must use that money wisely and construct a stronger bridge.

Construction material that is new

In the previous edition, you often used hydraulics to aid in the effective construction of bridges. However, in Poly Bridge 2, you will get a new material spring in addition to hydraulics, which you may utilize to have even more bouncing fun. You may use the springs to bounce the cars over the gaps, allowing them to leap over them.

You may utilize a variety of building materials to make your structure more sustainable, much as in City Island 5. Before you construct another bridge, you must thoroughly examine each angle, force, and slide.


Workshop with steam

The game also has a unique Steam Workshop feature, in addition to additional content. This is the greatest feature of the game since it enables you to build your own levels and share them with the rest of the community so that other players may enjoy them as well.

Enjoy the beats of an acoustic guitar.

Aside from building bridges, the game will also provide you with pleasant melodies, as it has over 30+ mood-lifting tunes and rhythms. However, some tracks have been remixed from the previous edition, while others have been included for the first time. You may calm your mood while playing by listening to unique soundtracks such as hometown hills, forest drive, royal dawn, on the road, and many more.


Poly Bridge 2 (Modified)

Poly Bridge 2 is a premium (patched) version of the official Poly Bridge 2 game that unlocks all of the purchased goodies for free. Additionally, you will get certain tweaks with additional modified features that will aid in the enhancement of the gameplay.

Features of the mod

Free Download – Because Poly Bridge 2 is a premium game, we must spend $1.99 to buy it on the Google Play Store, but not every player can afford to do so. So, in order to solve this problem, I’ve provided a link where you can get Poly Bridge 2 mod apk for free.

Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk for Android is available for download.

Poly Bridge 2 is the greatest way to beat boredom while learning custom physics in an entertaining way. It’s a physics-based puzzle game with various engineering mechanics that helps you improve your physics and engineering sketching abilities while having fun and enjoying yourself.

It also aids in the relaxation of your mood by playing calm and refreshing tunes and unique soundtracks. In any case, you can either spend real money for the game or just download Poly Bridge 2 Apk to enjoy all of these features.

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